TO SILENCE THE SILENCE, Solo Show, Kremlin-Bicêtre



Solo show

As part of Carole Fives’ author residency at the media library, author of “Térébenthine” published by Gallimard editions.

Exhibition / 17th March 2021 > 15th April 2021
For sanitary reasons, there is no opening.

Meeting / Saturday 20th March / 5 pm / Filmed meeting between Carole Fives & Marc Molk broadcast live on the media library networks entitled “Convalescence of the french Painting”.

The Echo / Kremlin-Bicêtre Media Library
53 avenue de Fontainebleau
94270 the Kremlin-Bicêtre

Kremlin-Bicêtre Media Library

“A painting is silent. It is not mute, but it is silent.What is painted does not move, does not cry, does not go away, but does not respond.

Sometimes in these jars, it’s happiness that is imprisoned, sometimes it’s a bad dream, sometimes it’s the lives of others. You have to be repelled by the big whirlwind, tormented by a need to freeze what is flighting, that is to say everything, anguished by the need to save, to prove that permanence is possible, in order to paint.I say that but it’s nonsense. Some paint with the strictly opposite ambition.

Anyway, all the paintings are mechanically silent, and that often intimidates, it scares a little, it bothers everyone a priori. In front of a painting, it is not a question of remaining mute or even – if you want my feeling – of talking about the painting, but rather “of making the painting speak”.Because painting is not there to silence us. It’s up to everyone, without fear of ridicule or whatever, to improvise their interpretation. The paintings try as best they can to make us talk, talk about the weather or something other than the weather, a bit of everything.

In front of a painting, everyone should have the right without constraint to silence the silence.”

Marc Molk