Suffering through you is not suffering

Lili-Ubel Gallery, Paris, 2012

Suffering through you is not suffering / Lili-Ubel Gallery, Paris


“Suffering through you is not suffering”… In that beautiful song, Etienne Roda-Gil’s lyrics invite a long-gone love to come back, sit down, forget. It’s a somewhat weary invitation, but it seems to rest on the firm belief that the loved one will comply. The invitation is late, obsolete maybe, it comes after the pain – never mind. The lovers have just seen each other again for the first time, or maybe they will see each other later, it isn’t said. The abandoned one would like the other one to stay that day, as if they had never been apart.

It is thus possible to suffer without really suffering, as long as the origin of that suffering is beautiful, obvious, legitimate in the order of feelings. I have gathered here works that refer to those delicious heartaches that we may as well embrace rather than try to avoid or stifle them, unless we hope not to feel anything any more one day. It seems to me these paintings are suffused with that mix of pain and gratefulness, vulnerability and certainty, that feeling that doesn’t have a name, but which the phrase “Suffering through you is not suffering” makes conceivable. They illustrate the tough esthetic power of emotions.”


Carte blanche to Marc Molk

Group show


Nadine Blandiche
Nathalie Boutté
Damien Cadio
Gregory Forstner
Iris Levasseur
Alexandra Loewe
François Mendras
Marc Molk
Kimiko Yoshida

Exhibition / October 16th > November 3rd 2012
Opening / Tuesday October 16th 2012 / 6pm > 9pm

Lili-Ubel Gallery
42, rue de la Folie-Méricourt
75011 Paris

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