LABYRINTHE[S MAGAZINE (#2) / “Hummmpfff”

I had the pleasure to write in the magazine Labyrinthe[s a little short story, both romantic and desperate, mixing the lives of three women of my acquaintance who have suffered more than reason from their inclinations.

It is entitled: “Hummmpfff”.
The handsome guy on the picture is me at the beginning, because I don’t write fiction, I fuck fiction, I write undisguised existence.

Note: I have nothing against those who write otherwise, nothing at all. “It takes everything to make a world”.

Contributors :

Philippe Adam, Érick Amohé, Stephan Aurimond, Didier Betmalle, Marie J. Berchoud, Marianne Braux, Daniel Cabanis, Karen Cayrat Fred Chapas, Combilé Djikiné, Jean-Louis Fournier, Amandine, Gouttefarde-Rousseau, Marc Kiska, Alain Lasverne, Yann Leblanc,, Florent Liau, Diogo Maia, Marc Molk, Raphaël Morgano, Raphaëlle, Muller, Serge Muscat, Nadia Porcar, Luc-Marie Pouech, Cristiana Rospigliosi, Patrice Salsa, Tristan Sénéca, Julien Thèves, Benoît Toccacieli, Perle Vallens, Clément Velluet, Louis Zerathe.

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