For better or worse, Solo show, Marguerite Milin gallery


Solo show

Exhibition / 6th March > 4th April 2020
Opening / Thursday 5th March 2020 / 6pm > 9pm

Marguerite Milin Gallery
46 rue du Château d´Eau, 75010 Paris

Brusque metamorphosis into a married woman, Marc Molk

Brusque metamorphosis into a married woman, Marc Molk, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 63,8 x 51,2 in

An unusual oath denigrated and almost systematically betrayed, marriage provides a manual of Love that is nevertheless worth looking at.
Please pay attention to the first three verbs: “Do you swear to love, honour and cherish, for better or for worse, X here present?”

Loving is a climatic phenomenon, which constantly ebbs and flows, evaporates or crashes down, on detail or at a geological rate, it all depends. Love cannot, therefore, suffice or perpetuate itself without help.

To his or her rescue, Honour is a discipline and elegance, a mastery that in all circumstances amounts to protecting the dignity and reputation of his or her partner. No criticism behind the back, no public humiliation, no deception, flirting, and so on.

To cherish at last requires the existence of a daily regime of signs of affection, of naive habits that form the couple’s glue. How many do not or no longer do this? They forget to water an extremely delicate plant with sweets.

“To love, honour and cherish”, three promises in a discarded formula.

Nowadays, everyone assumes that true Love can be recognized by a mad desire. And so it is! A lazy, selfish and capricious state of mind.

They are legion to complain about not finding love, the true one, while when luck smiles at them, their capricious mentality mechanically transforms the best into the worst, and the worst into farewells.

Out of stupidity, laziness and arrogance, how many condemn themselves in this way, whatever happens, to remain alone “for better or for worse”?”