“EYE-CATCHING (A new take on painting)”, Wildproject editions

15th September 2014

Publication of Eye-catching, a new take on painting, Marc Molk, Wildproject editions
Color / 12 € / 12 x 17 cm / 168 pages

Back cover /

30 paintings from all periods admired freely.
Sassy, dandy, sexy, erudite, obsessive, classic, unclassifiable, universal.
Marc Molk, writer and painter, co-director of the symposium “The Making of Painting” at the Collège de France.

Pitch publisher /

“Blending art critic and autofiction, Marc Molk offers a personal and transgressive text on love of painting.
This book contains women, wars, landscapes, celebrations and tears.
Between narrative and analytical contemplation, “Eyeful” outlines a new kind. “