Terrasse de Gutenberg

Meeting with the authors of the catalog Marc Molk : Ekphrasis / Friday 11th may 2012 / La Terrasse de Gutenberg bookshop

With Jakuta Alikavazovic, Géraldine Barbe, Antoine Dufeu, Véronique Pittolo, Carole Zalberg & Elisabeth Guyon Spennato.
The literary meeting will be conducted by Sophie Adriansen

Friday 11th may 2012 / 7pm > 9h
Librairie La Terrasse de Gutenberg, 9 rue Emilio Castelar, 75012 Paris

This collective book is dedicated to Marc Molk’s painted works.
With a preface by Christian Alandete, it brings together eighteen of Molk’s paintings accompanied by their ekphrasis, open descriptions from eighteen writers (in french) : Jakuta Alikavazovic, Jérôme Attal, Géraldine Barbe, Antoine Dufeu, Carole Fives, Caroline Hoctan, Dominiq Jenvrey, Nathalie Kuperman, Eva Kristina Mindszenti, Marc Molk, Jean-Noël Orengo, Martin Page, Véronique Pittolo, Jérôme Prieur, Emily Tanimura, Jeanne Truong, Emmanuel Venet, Carole Zalberg.
In conversation with the painter, Jean-Yves Jouannais (in french/english/chinese) looks into the logic which is particular to Marc Molk’s painting.

Available in Table book.