Lonarte, Madeira


The blood crown, Marc Molk, 2010, wet drawing on Fabriano paper, 6,2 x 1,4 in

Lonarte / 28th May 2010 > 1st July 2010 / Dos Prazeres Gallery, Madeira

Group show

Fatima Mendoça, Ingo Giezendanner, Isabelle Faria, Marc Molk, Paulo Sérgio Béju, Rico Sequeira, Rigo 23, Rui Carvalho, Rui Sanches, Susana Figueira.

Dos Prazeres Gallery / Calheta Beach, Madeira / lonarte10.blogspot.com
Organized by Câmara Municipal da Calheta
Exhibition from may 28th to july 1st.
Opening the 28th of may 2010, 7pm.